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What is the secret of happiness and how to be happy ?

When life takes U-turn, it does not not mean something has gone wrong but honestly it asks you to turn yourself towards U(You). If we look at our lives closely we'll find most of our works are either done to please someone or get admiration from someone. This someone can be your boss, your family members, your friends, your loved ones etc. Often, our happiness is controlled by others knowingly or unknowingly. We have been seeking so hard, we have been trying so hard to get this, to feel it –
perhaps we are missing just because we are trying? Maybe it is trying that keeps us away from happiness? Let us think over it, brood over it.

Human being can be happy, more happy than the birds, more happy than the trees, more happy than the stars – because human has something which no tree, no bird, no star has. Human has consciousness.  But when we have consciousness then two alternatives are possible: either you can become unhappy or you can become happy. Then it is our own choice!

We all know and always find Babas (Gurus) debating on TV or giving lecture on this widely discussed topic. And after few moments we realize this happiness cannot be found outside it is within us. But the question is - if it is within us, do we know it, do we experience it ?
What is the secret of happiness and how to be happy ? 

Elaborating this happiness Osho says - "... no such thing as happiness is. Perhaps happiness exists not, it is just a dream created by an unhappy mind. Certainly it cannot be as I unhappily imagine it. Here and now there is not happiness. I need not therefore waste myself on what is not. I can forget about happiness then; I can cease to care and instead concern myself with something that I do know, can feel and fully experience. Happiness is an idle dream: now it is morning...

when I cease to try to be happy or anything else, when I do not seek anymore, when I do not care to go anywhere, get anything, then it seems I am already arrived in a strange place: I am here and now. When I see that I can do nothing, that all my doing is the same dream, in the moment that I see this, my mind the old dreamer and wanderer is for the moment still and present.

What I understand is if I am still and careless to find happiness, then happiness it seems is able to find me. It is, if I am truly still, as still as death – if I am thoroughly dead, here and now. Happiness suddenly jumps upon you. When desire disappears, happiness appears. When the striving is no more, for the first time you see who you are.

That knowing is what Buddha means: "Come and see: Ihi passika." Where is he calling you: Come and see? He is calling you from your desires. You have gone far away from your home, you have lost your home base and are not where you appear to be. Your dream has taken you to faraway worlds: imaginary, illusory, your own creation.

The master says, "When you feel one with the truth, everything fits together, falls together. You feel a rhythm – that rhythm is happiness. You cannot seek it directly."

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